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Wall-mounted Rattan Vanity Mirror Exquisite Cosmetic Mirror

Wall-mounted Rattan Vanity Mirror Exquisite Cosmetic Mirror

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1. Nordic Mirror: Suitable for all countertops, it is very suitable for your interior decoration, making your life more radiant and convenient for your life. Whether it's your clothes or shaving, it's the best service for you. The combination of natural elements makes life return to nature and tranquility.

2. Premium Material: silver mirror, clear and natural imaging, not easy to oxidize, not easy to rust, rattan design, tasteless, strong, not easy to damage.

3. Space Saving: Hang it on the wall without taking up your position and providing projection services. The high-definition silver mirror makes the picture clearer and easier to use, illuminating your beauty or beauty.

4. Glass Mirror: Float glass, mirror image, smooth and not deformed. Pay attention to whether the glass is damaged during the installation process and does not hurt the skin.

5. Nice Decoration: A perfect way to add visual interest to your walls.


Name: Nordic Wicker Wall Mount Mirror

Material: Wicker + Glass


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