Infrared Laser Automatically Funny Cats And Funny Pet Toys

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  • This Automatic Laser Cat Toy will keep cats busy all day when their owners are busy
  • It is portable; you can put in batteries for wireless use or plug in a USB charger into it
  • You adjust the angle and range of the laser so you can modify things for your pet cat
  • It has a timer function; you can set the device to automatically emit the laser for 15 minutes every 1.5 hours and you can set it to manual mode as well
  • Material: ABS Plastic / Weight: 225g

This Automatic Laser Cat Toy Pet Toy is a must-have for busy pet owners! It will interact with your cats when you’re not around! This automatic laser cat toy emits laser points that cats will want to catch and play with. You can adjust the range and angle of the laser for a variety of moves. There are also two power sources for it: batteries or a direct plug using a USB charger. You can set its timer to automatically shoot the laser for 15 minutes, every 1.5 hours. Finally, you can switch it to manual mode if you want to join the game.