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Small And Medium-sized Cats And Dogse Plush Pet Bed

Small And Medium-sized Cats And Dogse Plush Pet Bed

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Product Details

  • Soft and comfortable pet bed with a non-slip bottom feature
  • It gives support to your furry friend’s body and helps them sleep better
  • Portable; Can be transferred anywhere inside the house or carried while traveling
  • Material: Coral Fleece, PP Cotton
  • Sizes:
    • Small – 45 x 35 x 8cm
    • Medium – 57 x 45 x 13cm
    • Large – 65  x 55 x 13cm
    • XL – 76 x 66 x 13cm

Calming Pet Bed Soft Plush Bed

This Calming Pet Bed is a soft plush bed for your little furry friend. In fact, it can give comfort to your cute pets because it is soft and cushiony. This bed can help them sleep better at night and take a good nap during the daytime. Now your pet will never feel any uncomfortable feeling whenever they feel sleepy because they have a reliable bed where they can rest. You can even take this bed with you every time you travel with your pets. In this manner, your pet cat or dog will enjoy their personal space inside the vehicle or as soon as you arrive at your destination. Good thing the nest mat of this bed is removable. You can wash it every once in a while to keep your pet’s bed clean and sanitary.

Safe For Pets

This plush bed is safe for pet’s use. It does not contain any harmful materials that can cause harm to your little pets. Aside from that, it can be used in different seasons. Your pet can sleep well even in the winter season because this bed can give warmth. The nest mat is filled with PP cotton. This feature allows your pet to enjoy a cushiony feeling as soon as they lie down in bed. Giving a calming plush bed to your pet will make your pet feel that they are truly loved. In fact, it is nice and cozy. Pets need a good bed like this because they don’t deserve to sleep on the cold hard floor. Just like humans, sleeping on a comfortable bed will allow you to wake up happy and in a good mood.

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