Pet Portable Feed Bowl Outdoor Collapsible Silicone Bowl

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  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 38X23.5cm
  • No-Spill Silicone Mat: It will make this foldable and expandable food dog bowls stay in the same place and won’t turn over by the dog. Besides, The large base with elevated edges of silicone mat catches any spills in order to keep your floor clean. Great choice for your dogs and cats.
  • Non-Skidding & Anti-Flipping: This dog travel bowls are designed with non-skid and flipping proof silicone mat which could prevent bowls from moving around. So our small travel dog bowls could stay sturdy and won't trip over when feeding.
  • Easy to carry: It can be folded and compressed and occupies a small area, which is very suitable for pets to feed out.