Hover Shot Playlist Great Game With 5 Floating Targets

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Bring the same fun game home with the amazing air shot toy

Do you remember how children loved this floating target game in the carnival? Now you can bring the same fun game home with the amazing air shot toy! This is a brilliantly entertaining game with 5 floating targets that provides snipers with irresistible fun for all ages. In addition to strengthening visual-spatial skills . hand-eye coordination and concentration . children are inspired to practice new skills to aim set and achieve success. Both children and adults will love this game at any party or family celebration.

Party essential

Shooting foam balls in the air over small fans makes it an incredibly futuristic target practice adventure for snipers of all ages.

Adjustable difficulties

Simply turn the screw under each ball to adjust the wind speed. Strengthening visual-spatial skills . hand-eye coordination . concentration; inspire children to practice a new skill . set goals and experience success.

Family activities

Serve as the best family activity for collecting by promoting better communication. Put the foam balls on the 5 fans and turn them on. Perfect for children from 6 years.


  • Product size: 33.00 9.50 32.00 (cm)
  • Package: 1 x Suspended target, Soft bullet gun, Soft bullet, Foam ball