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Halloween Cute Decoration Straw Ghost Kindergarten Party Decorations

Halloween Cute Decoration Straw Ghost Kindergarten Party Decorations

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Halloween Party Decoration Hanging Ghost

This Halloween Party Decoration is a hanging ghost that you can decorate inside or outside your house. Additionally, its height is approximately thirty-six centimeters while its width is about seventeen centimeters. This is a wonderful decoration that you can hang without any difficulty. It has a simple look that can add a nice style to your scary Halloween celebration. Also, you can choose all white, orange, and green colors so you can mix and match them all together inside your living room or kitchen area. Aside from this decor, it would be fun to use scary props and cobwebs to make your house extra creepy. You can scare your guests and give them some tasty snacks and chocolates once they knock on your door for some trick or treat.

  • Cute hanging ghosts for indoor and outdoor use; It can make your house look nice and eye-catching
  • You can mix it with other kinds of decoration; This ghost decor can make your Halloween fun and creative
  • This material is lightweight and it has an adorable style that kids will love
  • Material: Paper
  • Height: 36cm
  • Width: 17cm
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