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Comfortable Foldable Family Pet House Dog Tent Bed

Comfortable Foldable Family Pet House Dog Tent Bed

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Product Details:

  • A cozy tent house that has a comfortable sleeping cushion
  • It has patterned prints which adds a nice design on the cozy pet house
  • The cushion is soft and flexible. You can even wash it every weekend
  • Material: PP Cotton
  • Size: 63 x 43 x 63cm
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Dog Tent Bed Cozy Pet House
    • A night light without batteries

Dog Tent Bed Cozy Pet House :

This Dog Tent Bed is a cozy pet house for your pets at home. You can easily assemble this pet house. Afterward, you can choose an area where you want to place it. Pets are adorable little animals that can be a good friend and companion. If you want to have a pet, it would be necessary to take good care of your pet and make him feel comfortable. Similarly, this cozy pet house can make your little pet feel relaxed and satisfied. As a matter of fact, giving your pet a soft and pleasant place to sleep is very necessary. Just like humans, he also needs a soft and warm place to lie down. This pet house is an excellent material that can let him rest well whether its daytime or nighttime.

Adorable Pet House With Pattern Prints :


The pattern prints on this pet house make the material more attractive and fascinating. Your pet can look even more charming as he takes a nap on the soft cushion of this material. Furthermore, this pet house is washable. You can keep it clean all the time by washing it regularly. In fact, cleanliness is important to achieve good health. It would be impressive if your pet enjoys his tent house. This material has an appropriate size for small and medium-sized pets. Additionally, a cozy bed can let them sleep without any displeasure. You can fill any space inside your house with a pet-friendly material like this tent house. In this way, your pet will feel happy and loved as you show how much you care for him.

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