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Cat Toy Wooden Column Interactive Fur Ball Pet Toy

Cat Toy Wooden Column Interactive Fur Ball Pet Toy

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Cats love to scratch and climb anywhere around the house. So, instead of letting them climb anywhere, get them this cat pole. With this pole, they can scratch and climb to their heart’s content. Also, this pole is wrapped with sisal rope which makes it easier for them to climb. On the top is a hanging fur ball that they can try to catch. And lastly, it has a stable base that holds everything together securely.

  • Let your cat scratch and sharpen their claws as they try to climb up on this cat pole
  • Hanging fur ball at the top that can entertain your cat as they try to catch it
  • A stable and secure base that holds everything and keeps it from falling over
  • Material: Wood + Sisal Rope + Plush
  • Pole Size: 54 x 8cm (21.2 x 3.1in)

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