Anti-bird Reflective Tape Farmland Anti-bird Warning Reflective Tape

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  • A practical and inexpensive way to repel birds from your crops by using sound and light to scare them, use this Reflective Bird Tape
  • A double-sided reflective tape that flashes bright lights that scare birds away from your crops
  • It’s the non-harmful method of bird control, it does not use chemicals that can affect the birds and your crops
  • The reflective polyester film reflects the light from the sun which is blinding to birds, thus, a natural repellent
  • Ideally used on vegetable gardens, orchards, lawns, ponds, and airports
  • Very easy to install on your garden and lawns, it’s weather-resistant and lasts a long time
  • Material: Polyester Film
  • Length: 80 cm / Width: 2.5cm
  • Package Content:
    • 5 x Reflective Bird Tape